Ask the WN expert

Ask the WN expert

One question I get asked often is "how do you know who you can trust when it come to hair and makeup?" 

Can I be honest with you? After being a makeup artist for 7 years and experiencing this industry first hand I totally get where that question is coming from! You need to find a hair dresser you can trust and stick with them. Hair and makeup is so personal, It is an expression of yourself, your creative outlet that tells the world a little about who you are. So yes, finding someone you can trust is vital. I struck goal when I came across the lovely Wendy the owner of WN Hair and Makeup. With 20 years of experience up her sleeve and raving reviews from so many I felt instantly safe in her hands. 




Walking into her stunning studio in the Perth suburb of Duncraig I felt instantly welcomed and comfortable. Everything about it from the friendly smiles, that amazing coffee (much much needed for Miss mother of 4) and can we talk about that view!!! AMAZING!! While she created my new look we chatted, Laughed and she answered some questions I have had had on my mind since I had a colour put through my hair for the very first time. 


lets get into it -


A bit about Wendy  

Wendy Naumovski posseses unique industry expertise and has an extensive client list, some of which have been with her for over 18 years.

Trained by Maurice Meade, Wendy exhibits creativeness and professionalism. She earned the position of Apprentice Manager at the academy, and was responsible for guiding and nurturing upcoming talent in the industry. Wendy has participated in live stage demonstrations around Perth, showcasing her skills. In addition to coaching apprentices, Wendy provides styling and colour services for photoshoots that appear in the Sunday Times, and regularly attends nation-wide hair expos. 

Venturing out on her own, Wendy has collaborated with local sportswear designer Fearless Activewear, as well as teaming up with Maria Porter Photography to assist in shoots. Her skills transfer across a number of contexts, including editorial, family and fitness. Wendy was also offered a showcase position to launch her makeup and hairstyling services as a Perth Raw Stylist, working with local designers. She also enjoys going interstate to expositions for the latest industry trends.

Wendy has assisted the Cystic Fibrosis Ball for over five years.

Um Wow!!!! See told you she was amazing!


What made you fall in love with hair?

Art, creativity. I had a passion to create. Then there is the women, making them happy, talking with them. It amazes me how much a hair transformation can change a persons entire day, week even month! They leave feeling empowered and beautiful, they leave feeling that stress lifted off and have a new bounce in their steps. 


Was makeup the icing on the cake?

Yes Yes Yes. I have been doing makeup for 3 years now and just love it. Its another expression of that art and creativity. I also wanted the studio to be that one stop shop, where ladies can come have a coffee or a glass of wine and have it all done. We even have an amazing GP who comes and does fillers for my clients! 

Top tips for finding your perfect Hair style?

There is so much you need to consider. You must find a style you can upkeep, cost must be considered! So many of us look to social media for inspiration but forget the maintenance those styles require. Look for a style that will work with you. You must consider your face shape, your hair texture and your skin colour. Be open with your stylist and ask their opinion, they will be the best person to help steer you in the right direction. 

Biggest hair don't?

Thats easy. Don't use supermarket shampoos!

What is your biggest makeup do?

Please look after your skin, Skin condition is vital for good makeup. Choose a look that will bring out your natural features, be who you are. 


What is your favourite hair style?

Yours! I love your hair style. Short and choppy, easy to manage and can be worn so many ways.

Hair style you wish you could end?

Perms! No I don't like a perm. 

Biggest piece of advice for a stylist just starting out in the industry?

Learn as much as you can and work hard. Constantly learn. Don't think about the money, when you are passionate about something money shouldn't come into it, learn learn learn and the money will come later. Work hard! 

One product you could never live without?

My oil! I have frizzy hair and the Kitoko Oil treatment is my saviour! 

How do you keep a level head in this industry?


Ive learnt over the years, if you can't get into "that group" stop trying! Be you, try different avenues and like I said work hard and through word of mouth and the effort you put in people will see the person you are and what you can create. Being apart of 'the group' is not the all in all.

Dreams for the future?

I would love to start hosting work shops for freelance models, giving the keys to this industry through Skincare, hair, makeup, shoot work, photography and fitness. 

One question I have been dying to ask.........

How do you do it all with four kids???

Its all about juggling! Thinking and planning ahead.  If I am needing to be in the studio at night Dinner needs to be ready, the kids need to be looked after and cared for, organisation is key! Also making the most of every moment we have together. 


See I told you all she is incredible! I hope you all got alot of those questions answered, I know I did! 


Head on over to the website to find out more and make sure you follow the instagram and get inspired!












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