Exhale Skin Body Spa

Exhale Skin Body Spa

What an honour it is to meet incredible Mamas in business! Sitting and listening to their dreams for and ambitions, Wow inspiring! 

A few weeks ago I went and personally experience all that the exhale Day spa in Hillary's Perth has to offer. I walked feeling like a new women (cheesy I know) but its the truth. After having a hot rocks Massage from top to toe my whole body felt completely relaxing and ready again to take on the every day tasks of motherhood. It was incredible! My skin looked and felt incredible after a stunning facial followed by a scrub and oil of my chest, arms and legs. I really was a new women. As I sat, Sipped beautiful rose tea and relaxed one word came to mind, Indulgent. Everything about the day felt incredibly deliciously Indulgent. 

Now for the women behind this beautiful spa. Marie and Sara, Both incredible Mamas, Both incredible Business women. Everything about this power due screams inspiration! And I dont know about you but when I know there are Mamas behind a business I am first in line to support them. 

Lets chat to them and find out what drives them, what makes them tick - 

Where did It all Start?

Marie -

We both went to St Marks Anglican school, Sara was in the year above. We then became the best of friends at beauty school.Stayed in contact over the next 15 years after school then when the sale of the spa came up I called sara to ask her what she thought.


Sara used to work for the brand that I knew was used in the salon so I wanted some inside information! She encouraged me and basically said it has huge potential just needs work and I should go for it. The next day she text me and said if I wanted a business partner she would love to be apart of it! I knew that having her along side me with her extensive knowledge of skin and this particular product and brand she would be a massive asset.


We just work so well together and are completely the same wave length. It amazes us we haven't disagreed on anything and things have just fallen in to place without too much drama!!


Being A busy Mum, What made you take the leap of creating exhale?

Marie -

 I have always had a passion for business and of course being a beauty therapist. Being able to feel the stress and tension leave people's bodies and seeing them totally relax or improve their skin which boosts their confidence is incredibly satisfying.

 I have been involved in a couple of different small businesses over the years but when this opportunity came up to purchase the day spa we couldn't refuse! It felt right. Everything just fell into place from day one. Even the fact it is in Hillarys which is where we both grew up!

With much encouragement from our husbands and a "mums can do anything" attitude we just jumped in. Still learning as we figure it all out and juggling kids and life!

How do you have time for it all?

Sara -

Well.... We are so lucky these days to have technology so we can see whats going on day to day via our Computer/Phone so we can manage the spa externally. In saying that we are so lucky to have an amazing business partner in each other have very supportive & husbands and a little community all helping us out. We both seem to take on tasks or roles as they arise easily without any issues. We are so lucky with our Staff, they truely help us day to day and make our dream come true.

Marie -

when I'm in the salon it's not work to me so the time goes so fast so I have to write a list...a never ending list!!

Oh and a million messages back and forth between us!! That way there is a trail of our discussions and can reply in between mum duties.

Exhales dreams for the future?

Marie -

I dream that we can have massive growth by building on our existing loyal clientele, continue to provide exceptional services but most important build relationships and be influential. On a personal level and business level.

 A secret little dream I have had is to go to popular tourist but poor countries and teach them basic massage and beauty skills so they can earn a living. Even raising money to provide packs that include things they would need to get started.

What is your Fave service?

Sara -

Dermapen!!!! This is the ultimate face treatment, treats everything especially my ageing lines from having a newborn again! For pampering I love the Face and Body Ritual, Massage and Facial in one so getting the best of both worlds in one treatment!

Marie -

 massage-to melt away and relax

Fave product?

 Sara -

 Im in love with the 3n1 Peel at the moment, I love that I can pop it on, go and do my housework then buff off before hoping in the shower. It is like a mini peel at home so brightens and lightens my skin & I love it.

Marie -

 so many to choose from but I'll say my fave is the Exfoliating Cleanser-it has cranberry in it so it smells delicious. Leaves your skin so soft and smooth.


Your skin is amazing! Please give us your five top tips for healthier skin!

Marie -

I love Skin and I love trying new products, the key to amazing skin I believe is consistency. I am religious with my home care & believe it shows. I do love being a guiniea pig at the spa too!

Number 1 tip ALWAYS use sun protection. The sun damages your skin even in the few minutes here and there. Always use a physical sun protection avoid chemical based! Look for the ingredient zinc oxide.

Serum- like a Retinol aka vitamin A. Never too young to start anti aging! Smooths and brightness the skin.

Exfoliate at least once a week

Drink water

Look for botanical based but active ingredients. There is a huge difference in products you buy at supermarkets or chemist compared to a recommended cosmedic at a skin clinic or salon. And that's not just the price point!


What would you say to other Mamas out there wanting to start a business?


Id say go for it! As long as your passionate about what your business is about the rest will come. I feel so incredibly lucky to have Exhale and love working in and on the business.

Mums have a special intuition so tune in!!

Wow! I can't wait to follow these tips and have beautiful, soft and HEALTHY skin! Thank you both for sharing those secrets with us. 


See below or Head on over to the website  http://exhaledayspa.com.au and check out the amazing mothers day packages, print them out and leave them all over the house. Nothing like a LITTLE hint for the hubby hey? My husband reads all of these blogs so Babe, now you know what Ill be wanting.


Back Neck Shoulder Massage and Beauty Flash Facial





Spa Heaven Facial, File Buff and Polish Fingers or Toes





80 Minute Face and Body Ritual with Hot Stones





Full Body Pregnancy Massage, File Buff and Polish Fingers or Toes



Ladies, stress takes a massive toll on our bodies and it is a proven fact that women feel stress more then men so it goes without saying, LET'S TAKE CARE OF OUR BODIES! 


Once again, a big thank you Marie and Sara and I know all can not wait to come in for a visit. 

contact Exhale - 

08 9403 3633

Shop 15, Hillarys Shopping Centre 

110 Flinders Avenue 

Hillarys  WA  6025

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