Summer Hair with Wendy

Summer Hair with Wendy

Spring is in full swing and Summer is nearly here! I don't know about you but I don't know where to start when it comes to my hair over the hotter months. I love to go lighter and have the salty air breeze through my hair but I also know that caring for our hair through these months is so so important. Sooooo its time for a Q & A with my favourite hair stylist Wendy from -


1 - What is your top tip for keeping our hair healthy through these hotter months?

A - Hair dries out with the summer months ahead, Treatments are a must to put back moisture we lose from the sun drying it out.

Whilst we swim, it’s important to detox/ purify hair. This helps get rid of the build up of salt or chlorinated water. If hair becomes super slimy shampoo can be left in wrapped in plastic to really work.

2 -What do we need to stop doing (other then using grocery store brought shampoo)

A - It’s the little things we need to be aware of. There are more and more access to super markets and pharmacies who stock box colours and basic shampoos which coats the hair with silicon. As we are against time people find its easier to throw it in the trolley with their grocery shop instead of not even going down that aisle and spending the money for good products. This in a big way effects the services in studio when it comes to colour and can have a chemical reaction against hair.

3 - How many times a week should we be washing our hair?

A - To save time we tend to use electrical tools to aim to get a quicker result. Again a over use of straighteners can also be damaging on the hair if we don’t use a heat protector. Call me old school but I’d rather spend that little extra time on a great blow wave and make it last for a few days varying different styles along the way than grabbing the straighteners. Hair should only be washed once or twice a week. Often you wash your hair because it feels greasy or limp but it is that way because you may be using the wrong type of shampoos for your hair.

You could wear your hair down for the first few days, add a half up style the following day, a trendy ponytail and finish with a messy bun. Be creative !!

Dry shampoo can be your best friend, it helps you see the week.


4 - If we are looking to go lighter, how do we know where to start? How do we know who to trust and what colour will suit? 

A - To go lighter, depends on porosity on your hair. The undertone of colour whether it’s a yellow or orange base.

How can your hair handle it and it takes maintenance to help keep hair healthy along the way. Skin tone also depends on lightness. If you are pale and wanting to be platinum blonde - bare in mind it can make you look washed out. If you are warmer skin tone the lighter the blonde is doable or pretty much any shade of blonde.Also as we age, we tend to go lighter as it’s not as harsh on the face. Makeup will need to change to suit accordingly. If dark naturally, using Vitaplex can help lift lighter and protect hair from dryness and secure the hair bonds.

Being blonde hair texture can change and can come across dry. This is where Vitaplex will add moisture and give you the shine needed.

Blondes take time and extra care in studio. Time and patience are to be considered. It cannot be done in a hour but if done correctly the end results will be amazing.

5 - There have been alot of home care remedys being sold around Instagram at the moment. Are these safe or should we stay away from them?

A - I usually say each to their own, with over 20 years experience having clients coming in and telling me their home remedies. I don’t debate it, if it works for them great ! But some organic products I’ve seen clients use can be quite heavy and coat the hair like a barrier and in need of a good scrub.


Im here for professional advice on what I’m trained in and can educate my clients the best way I can, otherwise I listen what their needs are and if they have their own preference it’s totally up to them or they can see what is used in studio, the products speak for themselves.

Having stock Original and Mineral as well as Kitoko both sulphate free and against all nasties. First time clients, I always detox their hair to get rid of build of chemical reactions for colours to be true to colour.

6 - What product must we add to our Summer resgime?


A - In studio products for summer is the Kitoko Oil treatment “a must”




And the O&M Hydrating Masque

And product wise “Surf Bomb” sea salt spray






7 - Are there any trends you forecast coming in or hanging around this season?

A - Summer trends - textured, will be around, its versatile, simple, subtle changes made such as a few layers, definately bangs (fringes)

But then again a simple strong sharp line in bobs, lobs one length has also been a in studio trend of inspo pics.

8 - Is there a colour you are personally loving?

A - Colour - I’m more of a natural colour colouring. The more natural it looks, less regrowth and lower maintenance easier for clients to maintain and budget for.

9 - Last but not least, do you have any tips or tricks you have been dying to share with us? 

A - Tips and Tricks  

 - Always wash your hair twice, combing hair in the shower with a wide tooth comb whilst conditioner is left in hair.

 - Wringing hair, squeeze excess water, tip head over and wrap towel. Do not vigorously rub hair to dry A big NO -NO

- Always use a nozzle on your hairdryer. This controls hair whilst drying and stops hair frizzing. Hair to be dried approx 85 per cent dry and finish with brush on midlengths and ends

- Do not wash hair too frequently-Dry shampoo will be your best friend. This will help you not stripping your natural oils out of your hair.

- Either alternate shampoo/conditioner with a complete different brand. This is so hair doesn’t get use to the same products and can eventually work in reverse


Mimick your service in studio to help follow your steps easier to be done at home


And there you have it! I don't know about you but I am feeling Summer ready!! 


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