Summer Hair with Wendy

Spring is in full swing and Summer is nearly here! I don't know about you but never know where to start when it comes to my hair over the hotter months. I love to go lighter and have the salty air breeze through my hair but I also know that caring for our hair through these months is so so important. Sooooo its time for a little Q & A with my favourite hair stylist Wendy.

Nest Day Spa

It was a beautiful day of bonding for my sister and I and I want to inspire all of you to visit Nest Day spa yourselves or treat someone you know that could use a little time out to one of their treatments. Even take your hubby along for a couples massage? 

Winter Wardrobe staples with Feather and noise

Winter staples..... Sounds cheesy hey? well I don't really care. Every winter has its staples, from coats to jackets to jeans to the knitwear. Having those key pieces in the wardrobe that will work with any outfit, transition from day to night and have a great price tag is essential. Look for timelessness, pieces that will stick around for a few seasons and pieces that will also work through spring and then as a throw over for those summer nights where there is that slight chill in the air. 

Ask the WN expert

Can I be honest with you? After being a makeup artist for 7 years and experiencing this industry first hand I totally get where that question is coming from! You need to find a hair dresser you can trust and stick with them. Hair and makeup is so personal, It is an expression of yourself, your creative outlet that tells the world a little about who you are. So yes, finding someone you can trust is vital. I struck goal when I came across the lovely Wendy the owner of WN Hair and Makeup. With 20 years of experience up her sleeve and raving reviews from so many I felt instantly safe in her hands. 

Exhale Skin Body Spa

Number 1 tip ALWAYS use sun protection. The sun damages your skin even in the few minutes here and there. Always use a physical sun protection avoid chemical based! Look for the ingredient zinc oxide.

Serum- like a Retinol aka vitamin A. Never too young to start anti aging! Smooths and brightness the skin.

Exfoliate at least once a week

Drink water

Look for botanical based but active ingredients. There is a huge difference in products you buy at supermarkets or chemist compared to a recommended cosmedic at at skin clinic or salon. And that's not just the price point!