Quinn's big day

Quinn's big day


 A child's birthday can be a mothers worst nightmare. The pressure we put on ourselves to create the perfect day for our children can sometimes make us forget the reason behind why we are doing it all in the first place. To take a little bit of the pressure off these events I have put together some of my top tips to making these special days even more special and a little less stressful.  

1 - Pick your battles

There is a huge amount of party trends going around at the moment! from the cake to the games right down to the party favours. Are you going sugar filled or organic? fondant or Frosting? we can very easily overwhelmed by all the aspects of the day but I say, choose one or two and focus on them! sit down with your child and let them get creative! show them pictures of cakes or party treats and ask them what they like. 

For Quinns birthday we choose to focus on beautiful balloons and blooms. The two Bs. Quinn helped me choose a colour them and then I worked with my favourite florist and Party maker to bring the day to life. 



2 - Ask for help!

If you are like me you will find the whole food part totally overwhelming. Get the family together and ask them all if they would mind making or brining something. Make a list of party foods you think will be a hit and get to brain storming with the family on who will cover what. 

In my family we always do this. We support each other and bring a plate. I always have my platters to serve it all on so it all works together but my children just love their grandparents or aunties and uncles making special treats to be enjoyed on the day. Make sure you return the favour and help out at the next event. 



3 - Simple is best

One of the things I have always struggled with is party games! what age do you start them? How many should be played? Will anyone get injured? Do I have enough prizes for everyone? the list goes on. In my opinion around the age of 4 or 5 children will become more interested in playing games, keep them simple and make sure they do not go on for to long. I have a 3 games per party rule. I found the kids got board or overwhelmed if the games go on and on. Have a treat bag in hand for those little tantrums and get the rest of the family to get involved. 



4 - Don't watch the party through your camera lens!

Kids love it when their parents are present. One of the coolest yet saddest parts of our smart phone is that we have a camera right at our finger tips. I know you must be thinking "Isn't she an instagram Mum?" well, yes I am but when there is an important day for my children I always think its best to have a family member or friend take photos for me. I want to be present with my children and limit the time I spend on my phone during our special family times. Stories and posts can be done after they are tucked in bed. I am extra lucky to have our amazing photographer - Sarah Fong Photography at our events. 



5 - Remember to be kind to yourself

Your children will love the day you give them no matter what! Big or small your children will be thankful and to them it will be a day they will never forget! Be kind to yourself and always remember that less is more. 



If you are a Perth Mama, here are my favourite vendors to help you with the day.






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