Jordan's Nursery reveal - Part one

Welcome to part 1 of Jordan’s nursery reveal. This space is the perfect place to rest and play for our baby girl. I hope you enjoy looking through these images and find beautiful store to create the perfect space for your little loves.

How much is too much?

Then one news presenter said something I carried with me for the rest of my childhood and into adulthood. “This will be the start of World war three”. That was it, that was the moment. From then on I had an intense need to watch everything, to know everything, to read everything, to do anything I could to prepare for the “What if”. I knew too much. My young mind couldn’t define reason or fact from


5 Mum life hacks

It’s true what they say “happy wife happy life”. This is the same when it comes to kiddies, when Mama is happy the kids are happy. So try and let loose! Turn up the music and have a dance party, chuck the kids in the car after dinner and head to the beach to watch the sun set, have a movie night, play a board game… Kids thrive off seeing us smile and happy. I know this is sometimes the last thing you may feel like doing but it really will make a world of difference for the whole family

Disney Words by Woolworths

A few weeks ago the kids and I headed into our local Woolworths to check out the new Disney Words collectibles and ever since then we have been hooked! They have collected some of their very favourite characters from the movies they love including Elsa from Frozen and Dumbo! There are 36 tiles to collect with every $30 you spend in-store or online.

5 steps to a healthy marriage after baby

But getting out of the house, putting on a little lippy and spending time together will do wonders for you both! For me, sometimes I have to force myself to get out and about but I know when I do, it helps us both so so much. And if your past that 6 week mark, why not follow it up with a little candle light and lingerie?????

Jordan Blair Eramiha - Birth Story

I felt so ready to push and the pain immediately doubled. The midwife decided to check and I knew I was ready to deliver this baby very soon. She looked at me and said “darling, you’re only 5cm”! She then went back to her paperwork, I was crushed!!!!!

Baby essentials - The first six months

It doesn’t matter if you are a first time Mum or like me, a Mum having her fifth baby, knowing what you need or what to buy can be very overwhelming. There are so many opinions and options out there and it can be very tricky to navigate. I thought I would try and help a little bit by letting you know some of my favourites, products I have used with Jordan and products that have really made these past few months so much easier.

Let's talk hospital bag!

Well, you asked and now it is here! My list of must haves for the hospital. It doesn't matter if this is your first pregnancy or your fifth, deciding what to pack and what to leave at home is always confusing.

Quinn's big day

A child's birthday can be a mothers worst nightmare. The pressure we put on ourselves to create the perfect day for our children can sometimes make us forget the reason behind why we are doing it all in the first place. To take a little bit of the pressure off these events I have put together some of my top tips to making these special days even more special and a little less stressful.

His love

How do our hearts begin to mend? I know with every part of me that I will see my Dad again but how do we go on here missing someone that you saw everyday? That loved you even as you felt unloveable, that loved you so much that he would do anything for you even when you hated them for it. Someone that held your childhood in their hands. Someone that chose you when your biological Father looked the other way. My Dad chose me. And now he is gone.

A night with Sage

There is nothing more important that taking time. Just take it! Its yours! Laugh, Dine, drink, kiss. Get back that flare. Be who your are together. And my advice to my Perth friends? Do it at the Sage! 

Nothing is Impossible

lets take action and instead of carrying on this way remember that we have the power to raise a generation that will be incredible humans, a generation that will love others instead of living from a place of hate. A generation with enough courage to rise against those who wish only to suppress them. A generation that will end poverty! A generation that will end human trafficking! A generation that will save millions of children around the world from sex slavery! We read statistics, we shed tears and then we move on, we don't change (forgive me when I say this) and then we complain about future generations. what if we united with them? What if we taught them the value of life and freedom? What if we help them change the very world we live in!

Go and Love yourself

My 7 year old daughter came home from school the other day and asked me if she was fat, FAT!!! I stood in shock as I looked at my TINY beautiful girl. Why would you ask me that? I said softly. "The other girls at school were all talking about it" see replied. I sat beside her building her self confidence while inside I was remembering the age I started to use the phrase "I'm fat".